Common Causes of Laptop System board Failure

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The laptop system board (or motherboard ) is perhaps the most important component of any laptop or notebook. It not only controls and supplies the power to and from each component, but also controls communication between the components. Therefore, when a system board fails, most laptops will not function at all. But what causes system boards to fail? Here we will look at some of the most common causes of system board failure so that you may be able to avoid an expensive repair .


The Basics of Motherboards

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Motherboards are the interface for nearly every component of a desktop computer , which makes them one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when assembling a new computer or replacing an old motherboard. While it would be possible to write an entire book on the intricacies of motherboards, here we will look at a few of the most important things to consider when purchasing or replacing a motherboard to ensure compatibility.


Tips for removing a motherboard from a laptop

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There are many useful tutorials on the internet and elsewhere for the process of removing and replacing a laptop’s motherboard . These tutorials tend to focus on the specifics of which screws and which cables to disconnect and where they are located, but the process can be daunting to a beginner. Here are a few useful tips that apply to any motherboard removal, which can help make the process go more smoothly.


How to determine if you have integrated video on a motherboard or a video card

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Computer manufacturers have many options when it comes to graphics processors. There are high-end gaming video cards available for machines that require fast performance, and integrated video processors for machines where a low cost or conserving power is a priority. But how do you tell if your computer or laptop has integrated video on the motherboard or a video card? Here are a few tips to find out.


Tips for troubleshooting a bad motherboard

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When there is a major problem with your computer, it can sometimes be difficult to find the cause of the problem. With so many components that might have failed, it may take some troubleshooting to determine which part is not working correctly, especially if the computer won’t boot correctly. Here are some tips for troubleshooting when you think you might have a bad motherboard.


What is Motherboard "Tattooing” and what does it mean for your motherboard?

By content at March 07, 2012 12:40
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You may have heard the term “tattooing” applied to motherboards, and wondered what the term means. A motherboard tattoo is a code that is imprinted on a specific motherboard that locks it to a specific disc, such as a diagnostic or recovery disc that is packaged with the machine. This process is a sort of copy protection that keeps users from using the recovery disc of one machine to install the operating system and other tools onto an unauthorized machine.


Essential Tips for replacing a Laptop system board

By ccoulter at July 22, 2011 16:35
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Replacing a laptop system board is one of the most involved procedures you can perform. It requires careful planning, good organizational skills, and patience. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind when replacing a laptop system board.


How Replace the Laptop Systemboard on the HP TouchSmart tx1000 Series

By content at April 27, 2011 16:15
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Replacing laptop systemboards is generally a very difficult process, but with the HP tx1000 series, it is a process that most users with a little experience should be able to perform themselves. More...

Sony Mainboard Dip Switches What Are They Used For?

By content at March 24, 2011 16:07
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When performing a repair on a Sony laptop, you may have noticed some DIP switches on certain Sony laptop systemboards. But what are DIP switches and what are they used for? More...

How to Replace the DC Jack Harness on the Compaq CQ62 Series

By content at December 16, 2010 16:55
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If you are having trouble powering or recharging your Compaq CQ62 Series laptop, you may have a faulty DC jack. Replacing the DC jack harness is a fairly simple laptop repair that should not be too difficult for someone with a little experience. More...

How to Replace the CPU Fan on the Satellite A15

By content at November 16, 2010 11:28
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If you suspect that the CPU fan on your Satellite A15 laptop may be failing and you are planning to replace it, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Toshiba has made this model very easy to repair yourself. Laptop repair is a big business, and sometimes it seems that manufacturers make even simple repairs difficult on purpose. That is why it is nice to see that Toshiba gave easy access to most components in this model. More...

Replacing the Mainboard in an HP DV9000 Laptop

By content at November 03, 2010 16:59
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If you suspect that the laptop systemboard in your HP DV9000 is defective or causing problems and the system is not under warranty, the next best step may be to perform the laptop repair yourself. More...


How to Replace a DC-In Harness on the Sony VGN-FS Series

By content at October 28, 2010 16:03
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When your laptop begins having problems charging or running on your AC adapter, a fairly common cause of this condition can be the DC-in harness of your machine. This is the port that your AC adapter plugs into which carries the electrical current from your adapter to your Sony laptop system board and from there to your battery and other components of your machine. More...


How to Find a Replacement Laptop CPU

By content at October 15, 2010 16:45
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If you're unlucky enough to experience a laptop failure associated with the CPU, you may think its game over for your laptop. However, CPU's are often a replaceable part and will typically be available as a spare part from the manufacturer. Below we will show how to determine the proper replacement CPU and some tips on what to look for when purchasing one. Remember, before doing any laptop repair or upgrade; remove both your AC adapter and battery from your unit. More...


Common Issues That Occur After Lightning Strikes or Power Surges

By Author at September 30, 2010 17:40
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Power surges can spell the death of just about any electronic device; however with the complexity of computers they are especially susceptible. A power surge can be caused by lightning, or even just fluctuations in the constant flow of electricity through your machine. More...


Do I Need to Replace My Fan?

By Author at September 14, 2010 17:18
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Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if or when your computer's fan is working properly. It may be running more than normal, louder than normal, or warmer than normal, but still be working just fine. At the same time though, if your fan is not functioning properly, it can be a sign of some more severe hardware issues with your machine, and it's best to avoid them early and check your fan. More...

Integrated Video or Discrete Video, Which is Better?

By Author at September 02, 2010 16:00
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When shopping for a laptop computer, one of the major considerations to look for is graphics capability. Your choices and budget may vary depending on whether you are an avid gamer, a movie watcher, a web designer, or even if you do work with images. If any of these functions are important to you, chances are you're willing to shell out more for higher graphics performance, but if you don't you may be able to trim some fat off your purchase by buying more economically. More...

DC Jacks on Laptop Motherboards

By Author at August 23, 2010 17:04
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The DC jack on the motherboard of your laptop is responsible for carrying the electrical current from your AC adapter throughout your machine. This in turn both charges your battery, and allows your machine to run directly on the current from your adapter. It is essentially the component that allows your AC adapter to interface with your machine, making it a vital component in the operation of your laptop. More...


Common Causes of Motherboard Failure

By Administrator at July 23, 2010 11:15
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A laptop motherboard is the life line of a laptop. It controls virtually every component and handles the input and output of data to and from each part. When a motherboard begins to fail it can be a serious problem that can be expensive to fix and severely affect the usability of the machine. Here, we will look at some common causes of laptop motherboard failure. More...
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