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More than likely you've seen the name Xerox somewhere. Perhaps on a copier, a printer, or possibly an LCD monitor. Xerox today is one of the most successful business machine companies in the world, but even it had its rough beginnings. Xerox started in 1906 in Rochester, New York under the name Haloid. Their original function was to make photographic paper, as well as the equipment to use it.

In 1958, the company changed it's name to Haloid Xerox, as a result of the xerography technology being utilized to power their first photocopier. The company leaped in popularity, becoming known all throughout the world, bringing in millions and millions of dollars as a result of the Xerox 914. From there it continued to grow and grow until it became a publicly traded company. Xerox created the first color photocopier in 1973 invented the first laser printer from a modified copier, which came to be known as the Xerox 9700.

Xerox was truly at the root of the digital age, pioneering many of the technologies that we take for granted today. The Xerox name has become so entrenched in the technology lexicon, that the name has become synonymous with the word "copy", and is listed as such in many different dictionaries including the Oxford English Dictionary.

Xerox today makes more than just photocopiers, laser printers, and quality printer parts, though that is the largest part of their business. They also make LCD monitors and some software packages. Printers from Xerox are pricier than some of their competition, with the lowest cost model being around $299, but when you see the name, you can be assure that it is synonymous with quality.

Some of Xerox's most popular products today include the Phaser 6280, which prints 26 color pages per minute, or the Phaser 6128, which has many more functions including document conversion, copying, scanning, and is economically friendly.

When choosing a printer or other business machine, you cannot go wrong with Xerox, and any of the millions of satisfied customers will say the same.

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