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Sony computers are sleek, modern, and eye-catching. They often incorporate slim designs which take up very little space. Because of this, Sony's desktop systems usually have much in common with laptops. It does not mean, however, that upgrading or repairing a Sony desktop needs to be difficult.

Many Sony desktop parts are replaceable or upgradeable. Before starting an upgrade or repair on a Sony desktop, ensure that such work won't void your warranty. When upgrading a Sony computer, most users are hoping to get faster performance. The upgrades most likely to improve performance are adding more RAM to the system and upgrading the computer's CPU, or Central Processing Unit. Not all CPUs are removable, and in some cases, your Sony desktop may already have the fastest CPU that it can support. Check an online parts locator tool for guidance about what computer parts are compatible.

Adding more RAM to a system will almost always have a noticeable effect on the system's performance. RAM is where programs store their data, and when too much data needs to be stored in RAM, the computer must rely on the slower hard drive for storage. Adding more RAM eliminates the need for the hard drive, improving system speed.

When repairing a Sony desktop or server, diagnose the problem as carefully as possible to determine the defective part. Some Sony parts are easy to replace, such as the hard drive or RAM, but other parts, such as a bad network port or graphics processor, may be more difficult. Many of the parts are permanently connected to the motherboard, requiring a replacement of the entire motherboard. Consult an online parts locator tool to help you find the right Sony part for your repair needs.

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