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When considering a Samsung notebook battery or a replacement for a Samsung laptop battery, there are certain basics you may wish to know first. Samsung notebook batteries have an average “life expectancy” of 300 - 500 charge/discharge cycles. This equates to about 3 or 4 years of normal usage. These batteries use lithium ions to power laptops. Lithium ions will not malfunction if they are charged as needed. This means that, unlike batteries of the past, Samsung notebook batteries do not need to be charged and discharged on a set schedule in order for them to perform well.

You may wish to keep in mind these precautions pertaining to the care of your batteries, as well. Lithium-ion batteries should not frequently be allowed to fall below 10-20% of their full charge, in order to preserve the batteries’ life. Additionally, Samsung laptop batteries are prone to failure when they are exposed to excessive heat or contact with liquids. When all precautions are heeded, these batteries will retain their charge for about 6-9 hours, which is as good or better than many of its competitors.

Samsung batteries also are manufactured with Nickel-Cadmium, which is a more expensive and durable version of laptop batteries. Replacement batteries for Samsung laptops are available in both nickel-cadmium as well as the more common lithium-ion, and many popular battery models are available here at Spare Parts Warehouse.

Samsung is dedicated to its customers and has shown consistent improvement in sales and technological development from 2006 through 2010. The company continues to grow and provide some of the world’s best replacement batteries for their laptops, as well as new whole laptop designs. At Spare Parts Warehouse, we are always on the lookout for new products by Samsung.

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