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Laptop LCD Screens and Repair for Notebook Computers

Spare Parts Warehouse provides a complete inventory of Laptop LCD Screens and Repair for Notebook Computers. Place an order before 2:30PM EST and your Laptop LCD Screen usually ships the same day.
You can also ship your laptop to our national laptop laptop LCD screen repair center. Our expert LCD screen repairtechnicians will make sure the right LCD screen is selected and installed for your notebook model.

The most accurate method for finding the right laptop LCD screen is to use the original manufacturer (OEM) part number directly off the back of the notebook LCD screen that you want to replace (What's this?) . The LCD must first be removed from your laptop – click here to see our simple laptop LCD screen removal instructions . This search method is applicable for any laptop brand.

If you have a Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Sony or IBM laptop, you can also search our inventory for a replacement laptop LCD screen based on your laptop model or your laptop manufacturer part number (What's this?) for your LCD screen.
Laptop LCD Screen Removal Instructions.

You can also browse our inventory by laptop LCD screen OEM part number .

Laptop LCD screens are an essential part of the laptop experience and without the slim frame of LCD panels a lightweight portable laptop would not be possible. Modern LCD screens use a variety of new technologies to make bigger, brighter displays than ever before. Let us take a look at the major parts of a laptop LCD screen.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This refers to the tiny liquid crystals that control the color output of a laptop LCD screen. Liquid crystals are contained between layers of electrodes and two polarizing filters. In a typical color laptop screen, these liquid crystals are arranged in the colors red, green, and blue. By combining these three colors at different ratios, it is possible to create virtually any color necessary. The liquid crystals themselves do not generate light, but rather filter it. By blocking the light almost completely, the laptop screen can generate black. By blocking virtually none of the light, the laptop LCD can generate white.

The backlight is the source of light that is filtered by the liquid crystals, and therefore, is a very important part of the laptop LCD screen. Most laptop screens are illuminated from the bottom or sides by the backlight. The most common light sources for laptop screens are CCFL's or cold cathode fluorescent lamps. CCFL's are similar to standard fluorescent tube lamps used for household and commercial lighting are very simple and inexpensive to produce.

Recently, many laptop manufacturers have begun using LED backlighting, which uses light-emitting diodes for a light source. LED technology is much more energy-efficient than previous laptop LCD screen technologies, which usually results in better battery life for the laptop. LED's are generally more expensive, however, so they are most often used in high-end laptop LCD screens.

When comparing laptop screens, you will run into many terms that may be unfamiliar. Resolution refers to the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. Basically, a higher number of pixels in the same size of screen should result in a sharper image.

Dot pitch is the distance between to pixels that are next to each other. The smaller this distance, the more difficult it is to differentiate between individual pixels, and therefore the picture will look smoother and more natural. Brightness is the amount of light the display can emit. Contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest bright and the darkest dark that the screen can produce. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the screen's width to the screen's height.

With so many variations in laptop LCD screens, it can be confusing to select the proper replacement LCD screen for your laptop model. Most laptop LCD suppliers have locator tools to help identify the proper LCD for your exact model and may also offer instructions on how to remove and replace your damaged or non-functional laptop LCD panel.

Can't find the right part?   Our expert technical sales staff can help you identify the part that you need.  We are available via toll-free number at 1-877-253-8898 or online part request form.
Place an order before 2:30PM EST and your order usually ships the same day.

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