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HP (Hewlett-Packard) is the largest worldwide seller of personal computers, surpassing its major rival, Dell, which is number 2. Most of HP's success in personal computer sales comes from the computers it sells to businesses, a major revenue stream.

HP acquired the Compaq company, and still retains the brand name for many of its business computers. In fact, HP's "Essential" line of business computers is exclusively Compaq or HP Compaq branded. HP computers are very customizable, offering a multitude of configurations. Nearly every part of the computer can be upgraded and customized, from hard drive size to memory capacity.

One alternative that can be more economical for a business or home user is to order a barebones HP computer with only the bare essentials, and then upgrade computer parts individually. This can sometimes be less expensive than having these upgrades pre-installed, as parts are often cheaper from online sellers than from HP directly. Most HP parts are standard parts that are easily available, but even some proprietary parts can be found online for replacement or upgrade, and often are much less expensive.

HP also has an extensive line of server computers and Blade servers. These computers are used for a variety of tasks, such as backup, web servers, and remote computing. HP computer parts for servers and Blade servers are available online as well. When an HP server part fails or needs to be upgraded, it is often a very economical choice to buy the part online rather than from HP directly.

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