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Gateway laptop AC adapters come in a variety of configurations available from retailers of laptop parts. Modern Gateway AC adapters range from around 16 to 19 volts, and supply from 75 to 150 watts of power. Generally, the higher the performance demands of a laptop, the more wattage required. Wattage requirements are also higher on laptops with more components. For this reason, Gateway's desktop replacement laptops, which feature better performance and often more components, will require more wattage than its more portable laptops.

Gateway laptop AC adapter assemblies are comprised of two main components: the AC Adapter module, which converts AC power to the DC power that the laptop requires, and the power cord, which connects the transformer to a wall outlet for AC power. The ac adapter module has an attached cable with a connector on the end that is specific for each model of laptop. The varying sizes of these connectors keep them from being accidentally plugged into an incompatible laptop, potentially causing damage.

For any laptop accessory to be useful it needs to be portable, and therefore compact and durable. Gateway laptop AC adapters are made of rugged plastic that can take a beating, and cables are made of solid materials and reinforced at pressure points to keep the cables from wearing down. Gateway has also made an effort to ensure portability, as each AC adapter is compact in size and generally flat to make it easy to store in a laptop bag.

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