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Fujitsu Laptop Parts and Repair for Notebook Computers


Each Fujitsu laptop AC adapter is unique and must match the specific requirements of the notebook is powers. New or replacement devices should achieve the proper voltage, and must be of equal or greater power than the original unit. Higher voltage Fujitsu laptop AC adapters will not harm the notebook or battery, but should be within 10% of the standard specifications.

To find the voltage requirement of the laptop, consult the user instruction manual, or read the information located on the bottom of the battery unit. The battery has an information label on the bottom of the unit, indicating the various specifications required for the Fujitsu laptop AC adapter. This information is also printed / mounted on the charger itself, and should be used as a reference when locating a new unit.

Before purchasing new or replacement Fujitsu notebook AC adapters, users must also acquire a device with a sufficient Amp/Ampere Output. Utilizing a subpar unit may cause damage to notebook's electrical system, as well as the battery. Fujitsu notebook AC adapters with the proper current output guarantee that the power levels sent to the device/battery are acceptable, and the device continues to operate within the normal parameters.

Fujitsu laptop AC power adapters with insufficient amp or voltage can cause permanent damage to the laptop's internal components. When purchasing a new or replacement Fujitsu laptop AC adapter, users must also verify the compatibility of the connection to the notebook.

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