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Purchasing an insufficient Asus laptop AC adapter can be detrimental to your laptop. It can potentially cause permanent damage to both the battery and the notebook, and may force the battery to become dependent on the charger. Using the wrong Asus laptop AC adapter may also cause the battery unit to no longer be capable of retaining a charge, and will show no improvement when "Conditioned".

Asus laptop AC adapters are model specific, and must have a voltage within 10% of the original component. The ampere or current output (A or mA) must also be of an equal or higher rate than the original. For increased "GREEN" efficiency, many Asus laptop AC adapters are also compliant with a variety of different regulations, including UL, RoHS, and CE standards. UL standards are implemented to ensure public safety, reduce costs, and improve the manufacturing quality of consumer products.

RoHS approved Asus notebook AC adapters are tested for the presence hazardous chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. RoHS standards restrict many dangerous substances from being utilized in the manufacturing of electronic equipment, and have testing performed by numerous third party laboratories. An Asus notebook AC adapter with a CE certification complies with EU consumer safety, health, and environmental requirements, and is an acceptable product allowed for sale within the EEA.

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