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Apple has been on the forefront of laptop design and technology for many years. Their aesthetic designs are eye-catching, but also extremely functional. This focus on aesthetics and functionality goes into every aspect of their laptop designs, including even their laptop parts such as AC adapters.

In a world where most laptop AC adapters are very similar, with a black transformer and cables coming out of both sides, Apple laptop AC adapters are surprisingly unique. Apple's AC adapters are white plastic, matching the design aesthetic established throughout Apple's many products. They feature the Apple logo prominently on their sides. Most importantly, Apple's AC adapters are extremely portable, due to their compact design. The two-prong AC plug flips back into the adapter, and the cord is easily wrapped around two prongs that also flip out from the adapter. When the AC plug is flipped in and the cord is neatly wrapped, the laptop AC adapter is a very compact package, easily stored in a laptop bag.

Breaking from tradition, the two-prong AC plug is connected directly to the transformer, so that the entire transformer unit plugs directly into the wall. This means that the transformer does not have to lay on the floor, easily kicked or stepped on, as with many laptops.

The real innovation, however, lies in Apples MagSafe technology. Rather than being held in place by physical tension, Apple AC adapter connections are held in place by magnetism. If the cord is yanked from the laptop, it simply releases itself from the laptop. This means that is someone trips on a power cord, the entire laptop will not end up on the floor. The cord will simply pop out of the laptop safely.

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